GoldPaw Sun Shield Tee – Violet


Gold Paw Series Sun Shield Tees are lightweight, stretchy shirts with SPF 50 that blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping prevent sunburn and keeping your dog cooler on hot summer days.

  • Made of soft, stretchy jersey
  • SPF 50 to block 98% of harmful UV rays and help prevent sunburn
  • Soft colors to help keep your dog cooler in the sun
  • Can be worn to cover wounds, for skin conditions, or to keep your pup from licking off topical medications
  • Use to calm a nervous dog during thunderstorms

Like all Gold Paw Series doggy clothes, these shirts are soft and comfy. Along with providing sun protection for dogs, Sun Shield Tees can be used for dogs with skin conditions, a wound that needs to be covered up or to keep your pup from licking a topical medication.

These snug-fitting shirts can be put on a dog that gets anxious during rain or thunderstorms.


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