We believe in a safe, healthy and fun environment in our dog daycare facility. All our staff have over 15 years of experience handling dogs in any situation. They are trained to spot any problems before they even start.

We separate dogs by size and temperament so that the tiny tots can play at their own pace and bigger dogs can really get their energy out. Our air-conditioning system helps filter out potential airborne bacteria and viruses. Our floors are special no slip, sanitized multiple times throughout the day and our water is filtered (reverse Osmosis) and constantly refreshed. So, your dog gets the best air, the cleanest space and filtered water.

Product/Service Name Description Price
Groom Care Added daycare service for dogs which have a scheduled groom or bath service on the SAME day $10.00
Premium Groom Care Half day at Farm $20.00
1 Day Pass Morning Activity, Mid-Day Siesta with Snack Time, Afternoon Puppy Party, Cool-Down $25.00
3 Day Pass $72.00
12 Day Pass $252.00
30 Day Pass $425.00
Transportation Per trip within a 25 mile radius $15.00