Dog Daycare

We believe in a safe, healthy and fun environment in our dog daycare facility. All our staff have over 15 years of experience handling dogs in any situation. They are trained to spot any problems before they even start.

We separate dogs by size and temperament so that the tiny tots can play at their own pace and bigger dogs can really get their energy out. Our air-conditioning system helps filter out potential airborne bacteria and viruses. Our floors are special no slip, sanitized multiple times throughout the day and our water is filtered (reverse Osmosis) and constantly refreshed. So, your dog gets the best air, the cleanest space and filtered water.

Cat & Dog Boarding

It’s a doggie sleepover! Includes bed, blankets, and friends for dog boarding. When you are planning your getaway don’t forget to book your dog’s getaway with Beautify the Beast.

Please bring pet’s own food for their stay with us.  All pets must have current vaccinations records before boarding.

Pet Groomers

It’s our belief that pet grooming is essential for a healthy pet. Dog grooming and cat grooming vary. Some pets need only occasional baths, while others need regular monthly grooming to avoid matting, hot spots, and other skins irritants.

From shampoos, haircuts, and medicated treatments to exotic styles, pedicures, and facials, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!

All of our groom services are available 7 days a week by advance or walk-in appointment or can be added to a boarding reservation.

Our well-versed staff of professionals can bathe and trim your dog or cat into a wide variety of standard styles and even some AKC Standard Haircuts. Because styles and the length of time required to complete them can vary drastically, we employ a staggered arrival appointment system. This allows our staff to take their time with each dog and minimize the amount of waiting.