About Beautify the Beast

Contributing to the happy & healthy lives of the pets we love, by offering the best natural and non-toxic products and services available, educating families about the latest pet health issues, and being a responsible steward of our environment.

We believe wellness is the foundation of happiness for both pets and humans. Our caring, professional staff love working with animals. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program to be able to recognize dog behavior and to care for your dog in the best way possible.

Meet Our Team

Kelsey S.  – Head Groomer/Downtownhas over 10 years experience grooming dogs of all sizes and temperament’s.  She has cat and a dog of her own.







Melissa L.  –  Head Groomer/Lutz – has over 11 years experience grooming dogs of all sizes and temperament’s.  Specializes in Senior dogs and nervous dogs. She has two minature poodles, Teddy and Yogi.







Jenn G.  –  Groomer – Jenn has loved animals her entire life. Growing up, she dreamed of a life being surrounded by them. Due to this, she decided to start her career in the pet industry. She went to grooming academy and has now been grooming dogs of all sizes and breeds for almost 15 years. She loves caring for them as if they are her own. Her number one goal is to assure that all the dogs she grooms, have a happy and safe experience. She has a jack russell terrier, a chihuahua, and a bichon poodle mix.





Dede B.  –  Groomer – Dede has been working with animals for 10 years. After working as an assistant, Dede advanced her career and became a full-time groomer. She has a dachshund/Yorkie mix who used to hate being groomed, but with Dede’s talent and ability has become a fan of her grooming sessions. Dede feels that time and patience with every dog are key to building a happy, healthy grooming relationship. She is excited to bring her skills to the Beautify the Beast team.





Cathy M. – Groomer – With over 15 years in the grooming business, Cathy prides herself in creating the most comfortable and safe experience to meet your pet’s individual needs. She has had the pleasure of seeing her fur-clients come in as little puppies, and has worked with them to give them confidence and assurance all the way through to adulthood. From grooming them on the table to trimming them in her lap as they age, she has formed a bond with pets and their owners throughout their lives. Cathy has even adopted a former client’s pet, Magoo, who is one of her fur babies now! If you are looking for a personal, compassionate, stress-free grooming experience, Cathy would be happy to provide a positive encounter for your pet!




Cat  –  Groomer – has over 10 years experience bathing and grooming cats, rabbits, and dogs of all sizes and temperament’s.  She has 9 dogs of her own.








LIseAnne  S. – Assistant Hotel Manager and Bather

Lexi H. – Front Desk and Retail 

Jahn M.  –  Boarding Assistant – has over 5 years caring for animals and has three dogs of his own.

Joe S  –  Fire Flake Farm Resort Manager – has over 10 years experience caring for dogs.  He also cares and oversees operations at the working farm which has over 40 ducks, 20 chickens, 2 rabbits, and a pig named Penelope.  Most of the farm animals are rescues.

David Estevez, Regional Manager

Angie A.  – Owner – has been caring for animals since she was 8 years old and has operated a farm rescue for over 10 years.  She has three dogs, and 4-10 at anytime that she is fostering, or boarding, visit www.angelaardolino.com to find out more or www.facebook.com/fireflakefarm to find out more about Fire Flake Farm.

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