Your all-natural grooming shop

Beautify The Beast

Offering grooming, daycare, and boarding services to your pet.

Beautify The Beast only uses and promotes natural products to both you and your pets.

Pets are a big deal here. All pets are welcome.

Your All-Natural Grooming Shop

Beautify The Beast

Contributing to the happy & healthy lives of the pets we love, by offering the best natural and non-toxic products and services available, educating families about the latest pet health issues, and being a responsible steward of our environment.

At Beautify the Beast, we board and groom all breeds of dogs and cats. We even have guests of the bird, pig, and rabbit variety too! In the clean, calm, and safe environment we’ve created, our priority is to ensure that all of our guests (both animal – and human-kind) go home happy and beautified! We will always try to accommodate any special needs your pet may have. Our team of groomers, bathers, and boarding staff are available seven days a week.

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